Booking Process

How it works

  • Send an email enquiry, use the enquiry form on this website or give us a call                      
  • We will schedule an appointment  at some stage before your wedding for a formal introduction, even if it is a few days before- if you are overseas.                                                         
  • We will then discuss (either in person, via email, Skype or phone) what kind of wedding ceremony you would like on the day of your wedding                                          
  • We will then send you a booking form with our fees and personal particulars form to complete and return to us.                                                                              
  • Once payment is received, we will then confirm your booking in Mikes diary and he will then begin communicating what is required from a legal side for your marriage to be registered                                                                                                                                               
  • Within 3 days of your wedding, we submit your relevant documents to Home Affairs

Please note:  If you are a couple residing outside of South Africa, we will then apply for your unabridged marriage certificate and arrange for the relevant Apostille Stamp to be affixed should it be required.

Please see more info on Unabridged Marriage certificates and Apostille Stamps on Services

Enquiry Form

Appointment request