Meet the people who make it happen ...


Marriage Officer:


Mike Alexander, our marriage officer and Commissioner of Oaths. He officiates over 30 weddings monthly, with 32 years of experience behind him. He  is legally appointed by and registered with the South African Department of Home Affairs and holds valid licenses and designations to marry couples legally. As an all-denominational marriage officer, weddings can be solemnised between couples of various religious or cultural backgrounds. Mike has been successfully married for 33 years.




Fiona Alexander, our counsellor, is an ordained Pastor since 1986. She studied at Durban Christian Centre Bible College, of which Dr. Fred Roberts is the founder. Her primary function, is that of a counsellor, and she also trains and equips  others, who have like passion, in the field of counselling. Fiona has been married for 30 years, has two daughters and two grandchildren. She has a passion for people, families, marriages,& young & old,to see them established & grounded in their lives.